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6 Great Ideas Implemented Using PowerApps

Are you a founder, business head, or entrepreneur looking to solve business problems using technology? Do you think that hardcore coding and technical skills are required to succeed in doing so? What if I told you that using Microsoft’s magic tool called power apps can help you in more ways than you can imagine in solving business problems.

The best part is that you can do so even if you have a non-technical background. Well, the product catalog has a wide variety of connectors, templates, and formulae to help you do so. The basic premise of using power apps is to automate your manual business processes and workflow using data.

Let’s delve into some business problems that you can solve using Power apps

Case 1

How can PowerApps help to skyrocket your sales?

What are the pain points faced by sales and marketing professionals? You will say collecting information from multiple sources could be time-consuming. Why do you need all the customer information in one place? Well, it could be to predict sales outcomes, analyze customer behavior, analyzing customer feedback among other things.

What if you could predict outcomes, analyze customer preferences, interactions, and behavior in sales and marketing functions through artificial intelligence using the power platform?

Well, Microsoft has introduced the AI builder to facilitate data-driven insights that have the potential to revolutionize business processes. Imagine the lead conversion for a digital marketer, if he is able to keep a track on the customers visiting his websites, recording his interactions with them and preparing a proper follow-up a strategy based on the insights.

Case 2

Can PowerApps help in managing teams doing remote work?

The world is going through a pandemic situation currently. Everyone is in quarantine mode.

Offices are shut but companies are trying their best to explore remote working options. How do you manage work effectively in such a case?

A crisis management template has come handy to make work from home possible. Coordinating between shifts, sharing news, and updates, establishing communication, and reporting framework became seamless and automated by using the power platform.

Case 3

Does going through multiple spreadsheets and writing a number of emails for expense authorization take a chunk of your productive time?

HR managers face a lot of problems in approving expenses as the number of employees in the company increase. The daily commutes of the marketing and sales team, budget allocation for recreational team building activities, verification of expenses from employees who worked remotely presented difficulties. Going through long Excel sheets was not only time consuming but also counterproductive.

An automated expense approval system proves to be a game-changer in such situations. An automated system of pre-defined budget allocations and checks and balances was implemented in such a situation. The HR manager was so happy that he is self-taught himself and build power app solutions for evaluating the performance of the employees to build a proper appraisal system.

Case 4

How can you leverage PowerApps to bring work-life balance for your employees?

We all complain of work-life balance at times. Do you know Schlumberger, a leading oilfield services Company actually used the Power Apps platform to track fitness-related activities of its employees?

Yes, you heard it right. They built an app called ActiveEurope. The employees were encouraged to log their run all across Europe locations. The app included leaderboards to motivate employees to get into friendly competitions. The app covered almost everything from the spread of employees in different locations to analysing different activity types and providing relevant statistics to track progress.

Case 5

How does PowerApps solve the problem of collaborating with your field employees?

In large companies, on-field employees can be hard to reach. The problem here is to communicate and coordinate with them effectively. One of the handy features of powerApps is that it facilitates seamless collaboration. Structuring video content based on the roles of employees in the organization can help in getting the work done from the employees.

Case 6

How can PowerApps solve the problem of creating engagement with your target audience?

An online ed-tech company provides high-value legal training courses for legal professionals and students. They wanted to improve their engagement with students across the country. They leveraged the powerApps platform to analyze and break down the study and reading activities into smaller outcome based tasks. Students were grouped into different teams, assignments were shared and friendly competitions were carried each day to foster regular learning and training.

The mentors made small videos to provide feedback to students at the end of the task. Instead of allotting grades, a skill meter was used to indicate the improvement in skill sets. This made learning fun and solved the problem of less engagement in online training programs.

Well, PowerAApps provide limitless opportunities to automate and streamline workflow designs. You can literally use the suite to build ecosystems in every functional area of your organization for innovative solutions to your business problems.

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