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This PowerApp is designed in Canvas Tablet mode. Used to maintain daily attendance of employees with their contribution for the Organization.


Get Onboard is used to do the Formalities whenever new candidate is Hired in the Organization.


This App is used to Maintain the Payment of different  Vendors of any organization. Take care of their advance payments and pending bills.  

Power Training

App used to book Training session event. where Host can select the Audience (Technical Or General ) depending on the topic of Particular Session

SixMonthly Inspection 

Used to maintain data of any plant which is under inspection for six months.

HR Tool

This is Model driven PowerApp used to maintain record of any candidate before individual get Hired. Sheduling his/her Interviews.

Importing Application

App used to update data  (Price,Discount,Description) of any particular record by uploading Excel file.

Assets Management System

Used to keep tracking of company's Assets. Designed in Model Driven side of PowerApps. 

Legal Questionnaire Checklist

This is general checklist Canvas powerapps available in multiple languages.

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We have made some projects on powerApps platform, here we have some screenshots of our projects  in right hand side.

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